Theaterbesuch ,Stein auf Stein'

Class 6a went to see “Stein auf Stein”

10.06.2017 | Übersicht

As you can read after this short introduction, class 6a had the chance to experience a very special theater day a couple of weeks ago. In the following English class, the students were supposed to write about what they had seen. One last topic in English this year was to learn to write a report. After the field trip to the Theaterhaus, the students were asked to write a report about the play “Stein auf Stein”.
I am very impressed what great reports my students have written after only two years of English at Goetheschule – well done!
Yvonne Wiser, English teacher 6a

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, class 6a was in Frankfurt to see a play, “Stein auf Stein”, at the Theaterhaus and on Börneplatz. At the “Neuer Börneplatz” were four stations, two actors and two actresses told us about the walls of the old synagogue, the wall around the old Jewish cemetery, the monument filled with stones from old Jewish houses and five different street signs which show the changes of the name of what is “Neuer Börneplatz” today. We learned about how the Jews lived in Frankfurt in former times and the history of the “Neuer Börneplatz” and the synagogue. Later, we went to the Theaterhaus and watched the play. It is about the sisters Eva and Ella who lived at the time of National Socialism in the house where the Theaterhaus is today. They waited for their father to come home, but the sisters couldn’t go out to look for their father.
I liked the day because the “Neuer Börneplatz” was cool. It was good to hear the people at the four different stations. I liked the day because I have learned a lot about the Jews in the Third Reich.
Finn Stippich, 6a
The class 6a was in Frankfurt  on Thursday, June 8, 2017. We drove to a theater. At first, before we went to the Theaterhaus, we were at the “Neuer Börneplatz”. At the “Neuer Börneplatz” were 2 actors and 2 actresses from the theater. Each actor and actress stayed at a place on the square. The first actor told us about the old synagogue. The second actress told us about the big wall that goes around the old Jewish cemetery. On the wall, there are names of dead Jews that were killed in a concentration camp. The third actress talked to us about the “Neuer Börneplatz”. The “Neuer Börneplatz” had five different street signs (and names) in history.
Then we went to the old Theaterhaus. The play there was about two sisters. Their names are Eve and Ella. Eva and Ella are waiting for their dad. Ella couldn’t do anything because she wanted to be with her dad.
At the end of the play, they had a Jewish holiday.
How did I like it? I liked it because we learned a lot of things from Jewish culture and history. And the play was very, very cool! We learned also about the dangers of the Third Reich. I found the day very cool.
Nina Sauer, 6a
We met at 8.30 am at the Neu-Isenburger “Stadtgrenze”. Then we drove to Frankfurt to the “Neuer Börneplatz”. When we arrived, we went to different stations. At all stations we learned about the Jews in Frankfurt and how they lived in former times at the Third Reich. About the history of the “Neuer Börneplatz” we learned too. Later, we went to the theater and they showed us their play. Two actors and two actresses were there. The play told us about two sisters, who were Jews and about their time in the Third Reich. The father of the sister wasn’t at home because he was in prison. But the sisters didn’t know about that.
I liked the theater because it was very real. Sometimes I didn’t know if the scenes were planned or not. I don’t like theater so much, but this was very interesting.
Paul Lührmann, 6a
We were on a trip to “Stein auf Stein” in Frankfurt. At first, we went to the Börneplatz. There, we saw two actors and two actresses. Each had one station. At the one station a man told us about the synagogue. The synagogue is the “church” of the Jews. The synagogue was burned down. And he told us about the Judengasse. The Judengasse was a place where the Frankfurt Jews have lived.
Then we went to the second station. There was a woman who told us about a wall. At the wall are names of the Jews who were born in Frankfurt and killed by the Nazis. You can put stones on the names to commemorate the Jews.
At the third station was a woman too. She told us about a monument. The monument was a big cube with stones. The stones were from the old houses of the Jews. Then we were at the last station. There were five different street signs which show the changes of the name of what is Börneplatz today.
I found the play really great. It was funny, but it was sad, too. I found it interesting about the Third Reich. It was good that the stations were small. The Matzen tasted very nice. Generally, I found it great.
Annika Frieß, 6a
On Thursday, 8 June 2017, class 6a met at the “Stadtgrenze” and went to Frankfurt by tram. Then, we met the actors and actresses at the “Neuer Börneplatz”. At four stations, they told us how the Jews lived in Frankfurt in former times. They told us the history of the “Neuer Börneplatz” and the synagogue too. And of course they told us about Frankfurt Jews and important buildings during the Third Reich.
I found the 5 different street signs which show the changes of the name of what is “Neuer Börneplatz” today very interesting. Then, we saw a monument filled with stones from old Jewish houses. After the stations we went to the “Theaterhaus” and saw the rest of the play “Stein auf Stein”. It was the story of two sisters, Eva and Ella, who lived in the house where the “Theaterhaus” is today. They lived in the time of National Socialism and they waited for their father who wasn’t home. Eva and Ella couldn’t go out and waited for a Jewish holiday.
I found that this was a very interesting play and I want to know more about what happened with the two sisters. The actors were so good that at a few moments I didn’t if this is real or played. The play was very varied and that was good.
Pawel Lukazewski, 6a
….and here are some more opinions about the play and the field trip as such:
I liked it because I learned what happened in the Third Reich. I don’t like what happened, but I have understood what terrible things happened. I liked how the actors played. The trip was something different. Altogether, I find the trip was perfect.
Nele Wehmeyer, 6a
I liked it because the actresses were great and very interesting.
Edwin Rothenberger, 6a
The theater was very good and I will see another play. Stein auf Stein was a good play, I found good that we went into the lovely park afterwards. I found the four stations about the synagogue and the “Neuer Börneplatz”, the wall and the monument very interesting and good. Everything I saw was good and I will see more. And the actors were very nice.
Yannic Rosenstock, 6a
I like the trip to Frankfurt. It was most interesting to learn something about the Third Reich. The play was fantastic, it wasn’t too long or too short. The actors were funny and nice. The trip was nice, I liked it.
Melissa Wöllstein, 6a
I liked the play because it showed us how hard the time was and also that there was yummy Matzen to eat.
Anton Frost, 6a
I like that it was outside and that there was music.
Frida Straube, 6a