Ausstellung zur Wahl in den USA

The American Presidential Election 2016 – an exhibition prepared by Englisch LK Q1 Ws & PoWi bili GK Q1 Ws

01.01.2017 | Übersicht

Before the election actually took place, the school community was able to find a lot of information about it in the entrance hall: two classes, English Advanced Placement Q1 Ws and Politics & Economics Q1 Ws had prepared several moveable walls with detailed information about the candidates, the Democratic and Republican Party, as well as about the American voting system in general. After the election on Nov 8, the PoWi bili class prepared additional walls with press clips about the winner, the loser and international reactions.

Through this exhibition, this election has been studied by many students and it has also been visited by entire classes in order to use the information for lessons.
Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm!
As the responsible teacher, I would like to thank my wonderful students who did an amazing job in basically no time! Superbly done!!!                                                            Y. Wiser